Radiation Week 1 #amiglowing

I started radiation on my spine the day after New Years Day to hopefully remove any residual disease in and around the spine.  Radiation treatment only takes about 30 minutes each visit and 90% of the time is spent on positioning my body to make sure the radiation is targeted to the appropriate areas.  It’s amazing what medicine has to offer now and how localized they can keep the radiation.  So far, the most noticeable side effect has been sleepiness, although Varisara would say that I was always tired before anyway.

We also got confirmation on Wednesday evening that it is definitively adenocarcinoma of the lung that had spread to the spine (i.e. stage IV lung cancer), as expected. We’re still waiting on results of the molecular profiling of the tumor to determine the best treatment options. Fingers crossed that I have one of the receptors that has an oral therapy available for treatment so I can avoid chemotherapy.