2 Year Cancerversary and Cancer Advancement #celebration #reflection #ALK #LUNGevity #research

Since my last post, I celebrated another amazing Christmas with family and friends. These days, best part of the holiday is not getting gifts, but seeing the reaction from Avery when she gets her gifts. It’s the most amazing feeling to see her smile and hear her screams of excitement.

IMG_1287 copy.jpg IMG_1292 copy.jpg

I also celebrated my 2 year cancerversary on December 16th. Earlier this month, we made our quarterly trek to Charlottesville and as we drove up there, I remembered that we made our first trip to see Dr. Hall around this time two years ago. I reflected on how nervous I was going into that trip thinking “what is going to be my prognosis going to be?” and “how many days/weeks/months do I have?”. Never in a million years did I think that these trips to Charlottesville would become a routine every three months where the doctor tells me that my scans are all clear. Until this visit, I’ve had questions for the doctor related to my health, research in the field, and advances. This time, I was fresh out of questions, which is a great thing 🙂

Speaking of research and advances, the LUNGevity foundation and ALK Positive have partnered to fund $1 million dollars in research with the ultimate goal of transforming ALK-positive lung cancer into a chronic or curable condition. Being in the medical field and having gone through advanced schooling over the the past 10+ years, I am very privileged to have a fantastic network of medical professionals and scientists. If there is anyone you know that has a background in cancer research and wants a chance at funding for their research, please encourage them to apply for one of the two available awards. For further details or to apply, use the following link: https://lungevity.org/our-research/translational-science-research-grant-programs/2020-alk-positive-lung-cancer-research

My hope is to help identify a researcher that may, one day, save my life and the life of so many other ALK Positive patients. Any help would be very much appreciated!