Living life 3 months at a time #hbd2me #boringappointmentsarethebest

These past 3 months have been full of fun; we celebrated Avery’s first birthday and took her to California to meet her great grandma. Every moment I get to watch her grow up makes me so happy.




This weekend, I celebrated by 31st birthday with friends and family. In the past, I have been pretty apathetic about my birthday, but since my diagnosis I’ve learned to appreciate every day (and year) that I have. Every 3 months, I make the trek to Charlottesville to get my quarterly CT scan. About 2 weeks before each scan, I start to get anxious about what the next scan will show. I am hopeful that the medication continues to work as it has, but I am also nervous the disease has outsmarted the medication. Alectinib is an amazing treatment, as I have had minimal side effects by just taking a few pills a day, but studies have shown that patients will inevitably develop resistance to the medication. When I went for my quarterly scan last week, I got the all clear! Each time I get the green light, my 3 months of normalcy restarts and I get to forget that I am sick for another 12 weeks. Until then, no news is good news!