Livin’ life a quarter year at a time #alectinib #39months #boringisgood #burgerbach #givingback

I made my quarterly trek to Charlottesville earlier this month and everything remains stable! My scans look the same as they did the first time I got the good news over 3 years ago. I even talked to my oncologist, Dr. Hall, about how routine these appointments have gotten and that boring appointments are good appointments. I couldn’t ask for anything more and just pray the medication keeps responding this well indefinitely.

I also wanted to provide an update from my last post related to the partnership with Burger Bach to raise money for ALK Positive. Thanks to everyone who sacrificed their six-pack abs (don’t worry – summer is still 3 months away) to support lung cancer research, we were able to raise $1,117 to fund further advancements in ALK rearranged lung cancer research. We even received support from friends from Harrisonburg!

May be an image of James Hiter Jr and burger
Lung cancer survivor from Harrisonburg, VA at Burger Bach Charlottesville

I also wanted to sincerely thank Burger Bach for GIVING BACH and helping to support ALK Positive lung cancer patients from around the WORLD. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

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